Strapping Steel & Seals


Dubose 501 Steel Strapping Seal - 5/8" W

Open (Snap-on). Seal Length: 1". Strap Width: 5/8" W.

Your Price:$50.00/CS

Dubose 601 Steel Strapping Seal - 3/4" W

Open (Snap-on). Seal Length: 1". Strap Width: 3/4" W.

Your Price:$66.32/CS

Dubose 603 Steel Strapping Seal - 3/4" W

Overlap (Push Type). Seal Length: 1". Strap Width: 3/4" W.

Your Price:$38.33/CS

Dubose High Tensile Strapping - 1 1/4x.031, Ribbon

High tensile strapping is a specially blended cold rolled steel product that is heat treated and quickly cooled to give maximum elongation for high shock specifications. Our high tensile strapping conforms to government specifications and is approved by the American Association of Railroads(AAR). It is used where high elongation is needed. Heavy duty applications such as load dumping, structural steel transportation, and banding of heavy coils are good examples. Available in oscillated wound and ribbon wound. Painted Finish.

Your Price:$161.53/RL

Dubose Regular Duty Steel Strapping

Regular duty strapping is a low carbon, cold rolled steel strapping manufactured with close tolerances to conform with government specifications. It meets the requirements for general applications and can be used in both manual and combinations tools. Oscillated Wound. Painted Finish.

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